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Recurring Auto Maintenance – It’s Not Just Oil Change

Recurring Auto Maintenance – It’s Not Just Oil ChangeChanging engine oil on regular basis is the absolute foundation of good vehicle maintenance. Now that fully synthetic motor oil has become the standard, we recommend an interval of 5000 miles between oil changes. But what about some other recurring maintenance tasks?  Here is a handy list: Wheel Alignment If your vehicle’s wheels are out of alignment, it not only accelerates tire wear, but can have negative impact on how the vehicle handles. To save the cost of premature tire replacement, and to improve overall handling of the vehicle, we recommend yearly wheel alignment as a maintenance task. If your vehicle hits a big pothole or a curb, we recommend alignment check. Tire Rotation/Balancing Regular tire rotation extends the life of your vehicle’s tires. We also check tire pressure when you bring your vehicle for tire rotation or bala ... read more

Pre-Winter Vehicle Check

Pre-Winter Vehicle Check Winter driving can be stressful as well as challenging. Some people, though, get excited thinking about the challenge of icy and slippery roads in the winter. At Mick’s Truck and Auto in Ludington we want your winter driving to be uneventful, maybe even boring. To this end, we recommend that you have your vehicle checked out at our Ludington garage before winter arrives. Below we list some of the main vehicle systems and subsystems that should be inspected and brought into top condition before the arrival of winter hazards: Brakes - brake systems get an extra workout during winter, particularly the ABS ( anti-lock braking system). Having a brake inspection, and brake fluid change (if indicated by tests) will go a long way towards assuring safe winter travel. Tires - properly inflated winter tires are the way to go.  We will also check that tire tread is sufficient depth to evacuate all that wate ... read more

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