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Suspension Service and Repair in Ludington, MI

Our Ludington auto repair shop offers one-stop suspension services and repairs. Whether your vehicle needs new shocks or struts, wheel alignment, bushings, new ball joints, CV joint replacement, or new suspension arms, our technicians are highly experienced in suspension repair, and will diagnose and fix any suspension problems your vehicle may exhibit.

Potholes, bumps, and roadwork that tears up road surface – all of these can cause accelerated suspension wear. Control arms, ball joints, tie rods – these suspension components can get damaged over time, and may crack/fail and will need to be replaced. Sometimes it will be obvious that something is wrong with the suspension. Sometimes, though, the deterioration is so gradual that you may not even notice that your vehicle is more difficult to steer and control. It’s only after we replace worn components that you notice how much better it handles.

Whether you notice obvious problems with your car’s suspension, or if you simply want a checkup before a long trip, bring your vehicle to Mick’s Truck and Auto. Here are some of the symptoms to watch out for:

  • screeching noise when steering at low speeds.
  • steering wheel slips, difficulty steering after going over a bump
  • wheel vibrations
  • vehicle pulls to one side when driving

Our Ludington auto repair shop welcomes you and your vehicle. We offer a clean office, friendly staff, and technicians who are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). They will provide your vehicle with superior diagnostic and repair services, and you can count on:

  • 2 year / 24,000 mile warranty
  • Highly experienced, nationally certified technicians
  • Original Equipment or better quality parts
  • Free Digital Vehicle Inspection with repairs or service
  • Clean, child-friendly office

Our Ludington auto repair shop offers a wide range of automotive repairs, including comprehensive suspension repairs and services:

  • Manual Steering 
  • Inner and Outer Tie Rods 
  • Shock Absorber Replacement 
  • Struts 
  • Rear Suspensions 
  • Leaf Spring Suspensions 
  • Suspension Upgrades 
  • Air Suspension 
  • Coil Springs 
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Independent Rear Suspensions 
  • CV Joints 
  • 4x4 Suspension 
  • Suspension Arms 
  • Rack & Pinion 
  • New Suspensions 
  • Suspension Ball Joints 
  • Suspension Bushings 
  • Suspension Springs 
  • Power Steering 
  • High Performance Suspensions 
  • Hub Units 
  • Suspension Replacement 
  • Front End Suspension 
  • Off Road Suspension 

When you suspect that your vehicle needs suspension service or repairs, bring it to Mick’s Truck and Auto in Ludington, and our staff will take great care of you and your vehicle. We offer convenient appointments on our website, or just call us.

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